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This Is the One Thing You Hate About Your Current Cars

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Photo: Volvo

2017 Volvo S90: The main screen/controls.

Somewhere is Sweden, an engineer decided that most of the systems on their refreshed luxury car will be routed through one of the most unintuitive and slow automotive computers known to mankind.

There is a delay on every press, noticeable enough that you will doubt yourself for maybe even pressing it. You did, though. You did.

I had assumed that the newer models, ugly as their chrome-lipped fish face looks to me, would at least have faster processing power, but the local dealer tells me Volvo saw no reason to change it, so the legend continues.

Runner Up: The map and system updates that are too large to download through the car’s connection itself, requiring a trip to the dealer…who, naturally, charges $100+ for it if you’re out of warranty. Good times.

You’ll likely note what I did seeing that price; that most phones have GPS and Bluetooth, so I have a place they can put their “updates,” and it’s not the SD slot on the dash.

Bonus: The updates I have had installed over the years didn’t make the system any faster, so who knows what’s going on in there.

That said, and despite my tone here, the S90 has been a comfortable travel companion for my long commute, but that just makes it’s flaws all the more noticeable, I suppose.

Submitted by: Burn(Outs)ForMe

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