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An Easy Couple of Days + Drone Footage

 Sunday, February 19

Easy day today for me while Chris and Lori Z. decided on another chore in Yuma.

I did do a slow bit of hiking, looking for more abandoned mines for about an hour.  But otherwise it was just relaxing while the small amount of laundry I did, dried in the hot sun.

The Z’s returned from Yuma bearing KFC chicken for dinner.

Monday, February 20

I repositioned the Uma’s rear license plate from the right side behind the stock RV ladder over to the left side.

This is to make the tags easily visible (it wasn’t before).  I don’t want to give Mexican police an excuse to stop me while in Baja California later this week.

Here’s drone video footage shot by Lori Z. today:

We’ll head towards Somerton, AZ tomorrow in order to be closer to our planned border crossing station.

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