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Italian police chase lasts two months, ends in France

A twenty-year-old has been arrested in France after escaping from authorities in Italy during a police chase last August. 

A police chase was triggered in August 2022, specifically on the 26th, on the A26 Genoa-Gravellona Toce motorway in Italy. The suspect was not caught until October, it has now been revealed, and was down in southeastern France at the time of his arrest, in the city of Cannes – famous for its film festival, and certainly a case could be made for the dramatisation of this particular international police chase.

The chase began when a twenty-year-old on a motorcycle ran at the sight of Italian traffic police. It turned out he was riding a stolen motorcycle, and was trying to avoid a check. 

The chase lasted 20 minutes, according to, and included riding the wrong way down the A4 Turin-Milan, and in the end he was able to escape.

He was reported for resisting an official and for receiving stolen goods, but in the end he escaped the jurisdiction of the Italians.

However, he was spotted in Cannes, France on 8 October. The 20-year-old had come into contact with the National Gendarmerie while driving a stolen truck, and tried to ram the authorities’ vehicle, who responded with gunfire.

In France, the 20-year-old has been accused of the attempted murder of a public official, and in Italy his offences include driving without a licence, and therefore he could face a €41,000 fine in addition to the penalty he receives for his significant offences in France.

Lead image credit: “Italian police – Carabinieri” by Oscar in the middle is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.”

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