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Should You Bother Washing Your Toyota In Winter? – Peruzzi Toyota Blog

It’s getting to be that time of year again, when snow, ice, and slush are on the streets – and mucking up our vehicles. After a few winter storms, you might wonder if you should even bother washing your Toyota, or just wait until warmer weather. Peruzzi Toyota knows how unpredictable winter weather can be in the Hatfield, PA area and has a few thoughts on “to wash or not to wash” during those months.

The bottom line is, “yes, you should wash it.” The stuff that road crews deposit to keep highways and streets safe can be murder on your exterior, leading to oxidation, rust and corrosion. So, it’s smart to keep your Toyota clean to prevent serious damage to the body. It not only looks bad, but also reduces the lifespan and value of the vehicle.

Of course, picking the right temperature for washing your vehicle is important; make sure it’s at least in the upper 30s to ensure that your windows, trunk and doors don’t freeze. Even if you run it through a car wash, take a towel, pop the hood, doors, etc. and run it over them as a precaution.

Speaking of car washes, the same rule applies as to the best temperatures when taking your vehicle through. It’s also a good idea to opt for the “undercarriage” wash to rinse the salt and grime from the undercarriage. Over the days and weeks, that build-up can affect sensitive brake parts as well as your suspension – and that’s never good in tricky winter driving situations.

While being able to store your Toyota in a warm, enclosed space during the winter is certainly ideal, there’s an advantage to keeping it parked outside. Freezing temperatures keep the snow and slush from melting, thus any salt mixture your car has picked up also doesn’t melt – and that slows down any corrosive effects on the exterior.

Of course, when it comes to maintaining your Toyota in any season, you can trust the service experts of Peruzzi Toyota in Hatfield. In the meantime, stay safe and warm this winter!

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