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Horwin announces new “Winter Ride Pack” with new motorc…

Horwin has announced a new deal for the winter, including a helmet and gloves. Eligibility is gained by purchasing a motorcycle.

Horwin has established itself recently in the small-capacity-equivalent electric categories, and it is now offering its customers riding gear when they buy a new motorcycle.

Eligibility for the deal, called the “Winter Ride Pack”, is gained simply by purchasing one of three models specified by Horwin: Horwin EK1, Horwin EK3, Horwin SK3.

Buying any one of these models will also grant the buyer a free LS2 Airflow helmet; pair of LS2 Snow winter gloves; and a fleece-lined leg cover.

Of the three bikes, the EK1 is the most accessible. A 50cc-equivalent, it was launched in 2020, has a maximum power output of 2.8kW and a maximum range of 70km in the standard riding mode, or 100km in the ‘comfort’ riding mode.

The EK1 also features LED lights at the front and a reverse mode for easier manoeuvrability, while twin hydraulic shocks front and rear are intended to ensure a comfortable ride.

Horwin billed the EK1 as the EK3’s smaller sibling when it launched in 2020. As for the EK3 itself, it has a maximum ‘comfort’ range 10km less than the EK1’s ‘comfort’ range at 90km, but the battery can be paired with a second unit to double the range to 180km. There is also a top speed of 95kph and a four-hour charge time for the battery.

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