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Why are People Buying Teslas

Maybe you’ve seen a Tesla on your daily commute or as you’re zipping along down the interstate. If you live in a city, you’ve almost certainly seen one, but they’re becoming more and more popular in suburban areas and even some more rural areas, too. After all, no matter where you live, electric cars are becoming more popular, especially as gas prices rise.

Teslas have been on the road longer than you might think. While electric cars have come to greater prominence in the last couple of years, the first Teslas were actually released back in 2008. This original model, the Tesla Roadster, was built on the Lotus Elise chassis and was the first highway-legal mass-production all-electric vehicle. Since then, they’ve been gaining traction and popularity. But what is it that is driving people towards these electric cars? There are a few main benefits that are continuing to draw people in, but we’re going to start with two of the most popular: the ability to run without gasoline and their luxurious feel.

Teslas’ Electric Appeal

Teslas are entirely electric cars, which means that they don’t use any gas at all. Instead, these vehicles can be charged at charging stations or in people’s garages. This makes them more eco-friendly and, for some, more affordable.

Rising gas prices have made electric cars even more appealing to consumers than they were previously. While you may have to pay to charge your Tesla at a commercial charging station, it only costs the equivalent of 4 to 5 cents per mile. Comparing that to the cost per mile of most vehicles at today’s gas prices makes it easy to see how that savings could add up quickly! Plus, many charging stations will allow you to charge up for free.

You can also use your home’s regular electric lines to charge your Tesla, although it takes much longer to charge than with a supercharger, so it’s important to plan ahead and make sure it’s plugged in early. Garage charging is becoming less popular than it used to be, mainly because chargers are showing up in more places every year.

While charging stations used to be few and far between, that is not the case today. More and more gas stations have installed charging stations, and many parking garages also have places to charge your Tesla. There are even some stores, such as select Walgreens locations, that offer charging in their parking lots! Tesla maintains a map with all of its charging stations here, so it’s easier than ever to find a place to charge your electric car wherever you may need one.

Tesla’s Luxury Feel

Another reason that people love Teslas is that they have lots of luxury features, some of which are only available in these cars. These may vary based on the model, but can include:

  • Advanced HEPA filters prevent toxic chemicals and common allergens from getting into the car, making sure that the air in the car is fresh and clean regardless of where you’re on the road.
  • Dog Mode, which regulates the temperature of your Tesla while it’s parked so that you can keep your dog in the car and not worry about them overheating. Dog Mode even displays the interior temperature on a screen so that passersby won’t be worried about your dog.
  • Advanced touchscreens that let you play video games and stream movies and TV when the car is stopped.
  • Karaoke. Really! Some Teslas come equipped with a karaoke microphone and karaoke programs available through the touchscreen. Of course, because it’s in a car, they’ve branded it as Caraoke.It’s a unique feature that adds a touch of whimsy and fun to your Tesla.
  • Sentry Mode, which is a unique security system. If somebody stays too close to your Tesla for too long, the cameras start recording. The car warns them that it is recording, and music starts playing from the audio system to draw attention to any would-be vandals. This also means that if somebody hits your parked car, you’ll know who it was.
  • Parking sensors will notify you if an object gets too close to your vehicle.
  • Doors that automatically open as you approach.
  • Two trunks. All Teslas have cargo space in the back, but the front also opens to reveal additional storage space. Because they don’t have a traditional combustion engine taking up space, that space can be used for whatever you want. This means that even a Tesla sedan can be used to haul quite a bit of luggage.

All of this is in addition to the high-quality suspension, all-leather interiors, and powerful engine and drivetrain that these carefully designed cars have. So, how did these cars become so luxurious in the first place?

Tesla’s Luxury History

From the very beginning, Teslas have been at the forefront of attainable luxury cars. They have always been designed to make their driver and passengers extremely comfortable with an emphasis on high-quality interior materials and futuristic designs.

The first Teslas used the Lotus Elise chassis as their base, a performance design that was prized for its easy handling, quick acceleration, and sleek, aerodynamic design. This model, known as the Roadster, was a driver favorite for its eight production years, and Tesla’s additional models have only improved on this design.

Tesla’s current models have expanded into several offerings. These include:

  • Model 3, their first truly mass-market sedan
  • Model S, a luxury sedan
  • Model X, a luxury mid-size SUV
  • Model Y, a crossover small SUV

All of these models have the powerful all-electric engine that Teslas are famous for, as well as numerous luxury features. Even the Model 3, which was designed to be their most affordable vehicle, has numerous premium features and interior materials.

Wrapping Up

Teslas are designed to make you feel like you’re driving a supercar. With all of the potential luxury features and their environmentally friendly electric charging, it’s not hard to see how awesome people feel when they’re behind the wheel of a Tesla!

If you’re a new Tesla owner or want to become one, you should plan on where you’ll take your new car in case of emergencies. At Hance Auto, we’ve been taking care of cars in the Plano and Dallas areas for years– Teslas included! We’re your one-stop shop for car maintenance and collision repairs and are experts in luxury auto services. Give us a call at 214-526-0316 or set up an appointment on our website if your Tesla or any other car needs work!

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