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We love the Toyota GR 86 as much as anyone and if the Japanese car manufacturer decided to build a hatchback version, we think it could be an instant success.

When creating the second-generation 86, Toyota went back to the drawing board and has produced something that looks more modern and mature than its predecessor, all while remaining friendly and approachable. This hatchback rendered by Sugar Design looks even better.

In transforming the GR 86 from a two-door sports car into a hatchback, the designer has stretched the roofline significantly, giving it the appearance of a Shooting Brake, kind of like the Ferrari FF and the original BMW M135i. But we think the design of the Toyota lends itself to a hatchback profile even better than the Ferrari and BMW.

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Images Sugar Design

A number of other touches have been made to ensure the GR 86 stands out. For example, the front and rear wheel arches have been flared and large wheels fitted. Roof rails and a ski box add to the versatility of the car.

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The car doesn’t just look good but by morphing it into a hatchback, Toyota would make it quite a bit more practical, increasing headroom for those sitting in the rear while also improving cargo capacity.

What’s not to like?