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Two Captain America-Themed Tailor Made Ferraris Are At Ferrari Of Central New Jersey

These Italian icons honor an American hero.

The Ferrari 812 GTS and Ferrari F8 Spider are some of the modern automotive world’s best offerings when it comes to Italian performance and driving pleasure, and they both add the unique and exhilarating top-down driving experience to high-performance engineering, unmatched style, and incomparable luxury. For those reasons, they are two cars that exemplify the best that Italian cars have to offer. However, at Ferrari of Central New Jersey, a pair of a Tailor Made Ferrari 812 GTS and Ferrari F8 Spider feature a custom configuration that pays homage to one of the U.S.’s favorite comic book heroes: Captain America.

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Both donning paintwork in patriotic red, white, and blue, the 812 GTS is half blue and half white, with red in the middle, while the F8 Spider is predominantly white with red and blue striping down the middle. Even the seats of these custom-made Cavallino Rampante beauties are adorned with stars and stripes, and together, the pair are about as patriotic and heroic-looking as any cars could get, despite, of course, the fact that they are Italian in origin. These two stunning Ferraris at Ferrari of Central New Jersey are proof that awesome patriotic cars can come from overseas.

Source: Instagram/Ferrari of Central New Jersey

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