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Transport Minister offers reassurances on non-zero moto…

The transport minister, Jesse Norman MP, was present at the first annual conference of the Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA), and spoke about both the past and the future of the UK’s motorcycle industry. 

Jesse Norman MP is the Minister of State for Decarbonisation and Technology within the Department for Transport (DfT). Therefore, it is perhaps no surprise that his optimistic vision for the future of motorcycling in the UK centred mostly around zero-emission vehicles. 

“In Government we share in that ambition to realise the full potential of zero emission powered light vehicles, to meet environmental goals, and to meet and build the transport eco systems of the future,” said Mr. Norman. 

“Now that is underscored not only by our desire to act, but also to learn. And the Government, as you will be aware, launched a feasibility study so that it could learn more about how the sector stimulates supply ahead of demand, how we can attract new players to the market, how we can boost investment and lower manufacturing costs and how we can provide new and exciting careers for those working in and around a newly sustainable industry.”

Although the motorcycle industry is moving towards sustainability, it is currently largely unsustainable, and most of the motorcycles produced globally and sold in the UK are non-zero-emission. Part of the future of the industry is therefore phasing out those bikes, which presents a complicated challenge. 

Mr. Norman emphasised the need for “continued engagement, for expertise, for the collaboration of the industry,” in the phasing-out process of non-zero-emission motorcycles.

“That is what is going to make the L-Category eco-system, that wider eco-system, a fertile space for growth, and growth is our aim, as it is yours, for 2023,” said Mr. Norman.

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