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Old Cars Reader Wheels: 1924 Ford ‘wicker’ Model T

Jacob Kluch is the proud owner of a car that needs to be seen to be believed, a wicker Model T! You definitely won’t see another.

This is what Jacob had to say about his family’s wicker T…

“We call her “The Basket Case,” because she’s covered in wicker. She’s been in our family since 1934, and we have the title, registration, window stickers and license plate from that first registration. She was in Menominee, Michigan, the home of a company that manufactured wicker lawn furniture, baby buggies, cockpit chairs, etc. We don’t know who the original owner was, but the initials SCK are woven into the (only) passenger door. The wicker is original, only having been cleaned and repainted. The wicker is held on with brass rivets when both sides of the metal are accessible, or nailed into the Model T wooden frame where both side are not accessible. The wicker is over the original body metal except the hood “vents” were removed to give a smooth working surface, and the turtleback was removed and a wicker “pickup bed” frame was installed instead. This allowed the wicker to be woven completely around the passenger compartment.”

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