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MbenzGram: How To Select Performance Parts For Your Car

At some point or other, you’ll need to use performance parts for your car.

Sometimes, the general wear and tear of some parts mean you’ll have no choice but to go for replacements. However, more often than not, people choose to replace stock parts of a car with aftermarket performance parts to enhance their vehicle’s performance and improve fuel efficiency and better control.

However, customizing your car with the help of performance parts is a challenging task. Even when you have a specific goal in mind (such as increasing the horsepower of your car), it is not easy to decide exactly which car parts to choose for your desired goal. Should you go for high-flowing cylinder heads, camshafts, etc., or should you settle for a high-flow fuel pump coupled with a larger throttle body?

The choices are many, meaning they can often lead to confusion and indecision. Here’s a brief round-up on selecting the right performance parts for your current requirements and things to consider during the process.

Research Your Options Well

Experts from MbenzGram, also known as MBGRAM, one of the biggest car parts distributors in the country and one with a significant global presence, advise that you take your time to research before reaching a decision. Consult the best car and car parts webzines, blogs, etc., and see if you can find the answers you seek.

Also, make sure to visit the relevant review platforms and read up on user reviews. Finally, if you are still unsure, consult a professional for proper advice.

Find the Right Parts First Time Over

Once you know what car parts will best suit your current needs, MbenzGram professional consultants say that it is important that you purchase the right parts for your model and make. For example, if you want to change the brakes, make sure that you first check out specs such as pad shape, caliper size, rotor type, etc. You must ensure that whatever performance parts you purchase will fit your car and model perfectly.

Otherwise, they will need added modifications after installation, thus adding to your overall costs. (That said, you may skip this part if you are buying dedicated performance parts for some of the most popular car models in the market.)

Go for the Right Brands

Experts from MbenzGram say that it is essential that you buy your performance parts from reputed aftermarket and performance parts manufacturers. Getting high-quality parts from reputed brands will ensure that they will perform well under pressure, last longer, and will not cause any damage to other vital components of your vehicle. Also, make sure to carefully read the warranty and other product information before making your purchase.


Depending on the car parts involved and the level of your mechanical competency, you may install the parts yourself or may need professional help for installation. Some parts, such as rapid-fire spark plugs or high-flow air filters, do not need specialized tools and can be easily installed by any car owner. On the other hand, installing components such as large fuel injectors is best left to a professional.

MbenzGram specialists say that if you are in any doubt whatsoever (as to whether or not you can install a part safely and properly), take no chance and get your parts installed by a professional. Proper installation of parts ensures you get the best performance out of them and prolongs their lifespan.

Set a Budget Beforehand

This will ensure you don’t overspend or invest in parts that are irrelevant to your desired goal. Also, don’t forget to factor in installation and other additional costs, such as necessary upkeep, maintenance, etc. And one final thing, never compromise on the quality of your performance parts. While more expensive does not necessarily translate to higher quality, it does often indicate better craftsmanship and higher-grade materials compared to cheaper alternatives.

That said, specialists at MBGRAM advise that you shop around a bit, read the reviews again, and then if you are lucky, you may come across some great parts at a great price!

Purchasing Performance Parts: Online or Offline?

Many may wonder whether it is better to buy one’s performance parts online or from local brick-and-mortar stores. Again, experts at MbenzGram say that there are advantages and disadvantages related to both. However, the advantages of buying online seem to outweigh the benefits one receives from buying from a physical store.

You can always expect higher-quality customer service when buying your parts from a local store or a body repair shop. However, buying online comes with a host of other benefits. To begin with, large online performance parts distributors stock well and heavily, meaning that you can readily find and order whatever you are looking for, and it will be delivered to your address within a few days.

Also, if you’re in a hurry, you may also choose the expedited shipping/delivery option, and your car parts will reach you even faster than normal, albeit for a fee. Compared to this, physical stores, even the well-stocked ones, cannot ensure that you’ll readily find what you’re looking for. In fact, on many occasions, you’ll have to wait for days (after having placed your order) for the parts to arrive at the store.


Thanks to their lower overheads, online shops can offer better prices on the same performance parts than their physical counterparts. In addition, many online distributors offer additional discounts, coupons, etc., for different parts, which further help reduce your overall purchase costs.

MbenzGram: Your Trusted Go-to Source for Buying Car Performance Parts Online

As mentioned, MbenzGram or MBGRAM is one of the country’s largest distributors of online aftermarket car parts. At the MBGRAM online store, you’ll find all types and manners of replacement performance parts from all the top aftermarket car parts manufacturers and vendors.

Let’s say you want Air Boxes. If you check out the MbenzGram web store, you’ll find that as many as 154 different products from various brands and vendors are listed for that single performance part. The same goes true for most other performance parts as well.

The MbenzGram prices are also among the best in the industry. In addition, the store offers special discounts and coupons all the time. For example, currently, a 10% discount is available on a select range of their products.

To check out the complete list of MBGRAM products and offers, visit their store at

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