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How To Remove Stains In A Jiffy

While using the clay bar you also want to add some lubricant that complements the bar. This is an excellent way to maneuver the clay bar without having to dig deep into the contaminants. Finally, follow the back-and-forth motion using the clay bar. This will enable you to get rid of the contaminants from your finished paint. Do not rub the clay in a circular pattern because it is more likely to leave scratches. Finally, when the car surface appears to be clean and the clay appears dirty, you will need to knead the clay to give it a new shape. Add lubricant as necessary and is a must at all times.

Does this mean the clay bar will remove all stains? Well, short answer is no. Some stains can still penetrate deeper into your car’s paintwork/clear coat. For these matters, you will then have to consider machine polishing for a more abrasive technique to edge deeper into the contamination. For this process, we would always recommend a professional car detailer to perform this for you as you do not want to risk burning through the paintwork, let alone, cause more imperfections along the way that could become irreversible and become costly to repair. Specific stains on the car’s paintwork such as bird droppings where it has etched through the clear, will need to have the car resprayed as no amount of cleaning or polishing will rectify the issue.

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