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How To Keep Your Toyota Truck Running For Years – Peruzzi Toyota Blog

Toyota trucks have a well-earned reputation for being the most reliable trucks on the road. They are known for their below-average maintenance and repair costs, two reasons they hold their value so well. Of course, while Toyotas are built to last, sticking to some basic routine tasks is also key in keeping your Toyota truck running smoothly for years to come. The service experts of Peruzzi Toyota in Hatfield, PA suggests these easy service reminders.

Every 5K miles/6 months: This basic service check includes inspecting fluid levels, rotating the tires, visually inspecting brake pads/linings, and checking the wiper blades.

Every 10K miles/12 months: Replace the engine oil and filter, as well as have the cabin air filter inspected.

Every 15K miles/18 months: Toyota trucks with 4-wheel drive need to have the propeller shaft lubricated and the propeller shaft bolt adjusted.

Every 20K miles/2 years: Replace the cabin air filter.

Every 30K miles/3 years: This is a more comprehensive check, with the fuel lines, transmission, steering, radiator, and exhaust systems and parts inspected.

Every 60K miles/6 years: A technician should look over all belts and spark plugs and replace them if needed.

Of course, if you are one of those folks who are always short on time, the absolute least you can do is to change the oil in your Toyota truck on a regular basis. Checking/rotating your tires and checking your brakes will help to keep you safe on the road.

However, taking the time to stay on top of your Toyota truck’s maintenance needs will pay off in years of reliable, trouble-free performance. The service department at Peruzzi Toyota can make scheduling these tasks super easy, convenient and budget-friendly. It’s a small investment with big rewards!

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