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First Look at the Volvo EX90: What Gilbert, AZ, Drivers Need to Know

Volvo vehicles have long had an outstanding reputation for safety. Volvo has continued that legacy, with vehicles that feature the latest in driver assistance technology, so you can always feel safe on the road in Phoenix. That is why we at Volvo Cars Gilbert are so excited about the upcoming Volvo EX90. Here is what you need to know about this exciting new fully electric SUV.

What Sets the All-New EX90 Apart?

The EX90 is designed to optimize safety using state-of-the-art sensors. From cameras to radar technology to LiDAR scanning, the EX90 will deliver peace of mind on the road for just about any driver. The suite of sensors on the EX90 can detect what is going on the road around you in Chandler day or night and help prevent collisions before they happen.

Tech that Informs

The spectacular technology equipped on the EX90 can do more than just prevent accidents as you drive around Tempe. Your driving can generate data that the EX90 software can learn from. By gathering data as you drive, the EX90 driver assistance technology features can reduce serious accidents that can result in serious injury or death by up to 20 percent.

Gentle, Effective Alerts

If there is a potential safety hazard on the road in Mesa, a sudden, jarring alert can do more harm than good. That is why the EX90 alerts you first with gentle nudging, increasing the intensity of the alert until you notice it. If you fall asleep or fall ill on the road and can’t control the steering wheel, the EX90 can automatically stop safely and call for help.

Learn More About the Volvo EX90 Today

Does the Volvo EX90 sound like the electric SUV of your dreams? Do you want to learn more about it? Then contact Volvo Cars Gilbert today!

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