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Ferrari’s Gino Rosato sees a bring Robin Raikkonen: “F1, here we come!”

“What a day with the Raikkonen family, seeing little Ace at 7 years old run, 110 laps !! I felt I had seen this before , very quiet, little interaction, always look a little lost and uninterested!! But like his father , “Leave me alone “, where is the car ?? The magic comes to life, quick, fast, rapid, natural talent call it what you want!! F1 here we come” – this was the message posted on his official Instagram profile by Gino Rosato, the cornerstone of the Ferrari box as regards to logistics.

He commented on the photos taken together with the Raikkonen family: Gino Rosato, alongside Kimi and Minttu met at the 7 Laghi circuit of Castelletto di Branduzzo in the province of Pavia where Robin clocked 110 laps at the wheel of his go-kart. “F1, here we come”, added Rosato regarding the potential of the little Finnish driver who is just 7 years old.

Gino Rosato is known as a good friend of Kimi Räikkönen and the godfather of his son Robin.

Kimi Raikkonen has always stressed that he would never have pushed his son to retrace his footsteps, but Robin really seems to want to ‘force’ his father to still frequent the paddocks, at least those of the karting circuits. The last world champion at the wheel of Ferrari – a title came at his debut with the Maranello team back in 2007 – has often reported in the press conference the discussions with his son relating to his work on the track, for example Kimi’s quote from his son Robin regarding the contact between teammates in Portugal when in 2021 in Portimao, the Finnish driver collided with Antonio Giovinazzi in the full straight following an error of judgement. “Robin made fun of me,” said Kimi Raikkonen, who will now be able to take some ‘revenge’ on his son in terms of driving advice.

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