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Ferrari Celebrates Its 75th Anniversary With The 2022 Ferrari Yearbook

For the first time since Enzo Ferrari published his very first Yearbook in 1949.

At the end of every year, automotive manufacturers compile stats and figure to measure results for the brand’s future plans. The team of Italians at Ferrari takes a different approach by highlighting its success and accomplishments through a yearly publication titled ‘The Yearbook’. Since 2022 marks a very special 75th Anniversary for Ferrari, The 2022 Ferrari Yearbook features four different collectible covers for owners and enthusiasts to enjoy.

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The four commemorative covers feature the latest Purosangue four-door GT model, the 2022 Formula 1 F1-75 race car, the 499P Le Mans hypercar, and Ferrari’s Spring/Summer 2023 fashion collection.The Official Ferrari Magazine presents original photos, technical insights, interviews, and infographics to describe the entire Prancing Horse universe. Ferrari highlights its legendary design, technology, and customer events through this 220+ page book documenting automotive excellence. Subscribe to Ferrari’s official magazine and receive your copy by visiting the Ferrari website. View all current Ferrari models for sale on duPont REGISTRY by clicking on the link below.

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