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Europe’s Best-Selling Vehicle Looks Ridiculous Next To America’s

Scale overlay of Peugeot 208 on Ford F-150 highlights 72-in length and 21-in height mismatch

by Chris Chilton

5 hours ago

 Europe’s Best-Selling Vehicle Looks Ridiculous Next To America’s

by Chris Chilton

The vehicles on your average U.S. road look far more like the ones on your average European road than they did 40 or 50 years ago. But this graphical overlay reminds us that some things are still very different on either side of the Atlantic Ocean.

To no one’s surprise Ford’s F-150 was the best-selling vehicle in the U.S. in 2022. The iconic flatbed has been America’s favorite mode of transport every year for decades. Europeans are slightly more fickle, always picking a small hatchback and mostly preferring VW’s Golf, but occasionally moving their affection from one model to the other. In 2022 it was Peugeot’s pocket-sized 208.

You don’t need to see a European subcompact next to a full-size truck to know one is much smaller than the other, but it still makes you gasp when they are shown alongside and to scale, as they are in this image. We first saw it posted online by Reddit user gavarnie who’d created the pic using the Carsized website. If you haven’t checked out Carsized, it’s a fun tool that lets you overlay all kinds of vehicles, some from multiple angles, and gives the dimensions for each one. Pedants will point out that the F-150 shown is technically the previous model, but since that was also a best seller and the 2021-on trucks dimensions are very similar, the comparison still stands.

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 Europe’s Best-Selling Vehicle Looks Ridiculous Next To America’s

In the case of the 208 and an F-150 equipped with the SuperCrew cab, the image shows us exactly what the 231.9-in (5.89 m) Ford’s additional 72.4-in (1.84 m) of length looks like. In fact, the entire 208 almost fits within the F-150’s 145-in (3.68 m) wheelbase. And this isn’t even the biggest version of the F-150 available. Go for the 6.5-ft rear box and you get almost 12-in (305 mm) more real estate between axles.

And then there’s the height difference: the Ford towers 20.9-in (531 mm) over the Peugeot, the roof of the 208 roughly matching up with the Ford’s hood, waistline and driver’s elbow. It looks like the Pug has been lined up ready to be crushed in a monster truck show. But it’s worth saying that while Peugeot’s 208 isn’t available in North America, plenty of equally small cars, including the Mini, are on sale on both continents.

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