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Classic cars in Ireland and the year so far

I suppose it’s been a while. But you’ve been busy, the guys have been busy, I’ve been topping up my tan. Things just get in the way you know?

Ladies and gentlemen, we’re back! Well, the country is almost back… give or take a few restrictions here and there. But we’re fully jabbed and back planning all the things we can do. I actually had a carvery earlier, inside as well. Imagine! Inside dining is the future, you heard it here first.

Speaking of Ladies and Gentlemen, there’s a Twitter page that sends out the exact same tweet every Friday. It’s a tweet of Daniel Craig simply saying “Ladies and gentlemen, the weekend”. It’s absolutely glorious.

Ahhhh we should be in Pebble Beach this week… next year!

So, any news? You do? Too bad! This is all about us, so you’ll just have to sit there and listen. I’d invite you in but looks like you left your digital cert at home. Luckily it’s dry outside so you should be fine, this won’t take too long as I’ve a lot of scrolling on Pinterest to do today.

We’ve built a new section to Garage #2 and it’s been nicknamed The Showroom. It’s a place to show off some nice cars, park some projects mid-resto, and a place to read a car magazine or two while having a coffee with a pal. Is that pal you? Play your cards right and you might just get the invite. The coffee area is under construction at the minute while we try to find a suitable coffee table, some Chesterfield’s, and furniture to match. Few cigars and tumblers of whiskey and what will we be doing? Laughing! Who said driving? I know we’re a car company, but c’mon, you can’t be at that. Some laws are there for a reason. Speed is the only real “guideline”… but that’s only for us because we’re able to handle it and we know the local guards.

Anyway, if you’ve any nice furniture in storage similar to the below aesthetic, let us know!

Classic car showroom

What’s next on my list to tell you… Hmmm… Oh here’s something – if you’re thinking of selling your classic give us a shout. We’re very good at doing all the heavy lifting. And 40% commission is such great value! I joke I joke, but do get in touch, we’ll handle all the negotiations, viewings, preparation, photography, advertising, and it will be displayed at the home of classic sports cars in Ireland! In all seriousness and not to blow our own tuba – our record is phenomenal.  

You’ve probably seen our ads looking for some new faces to join us here in the workshop. I won’t be copying and pasting in the details here, but if you want to join, or if you know some people that know some people who may know some other people that may be interested, you can see the details here on our website, or here on LinkedIn.

For those who are interested, we’re planning on offering a training contract, there’s an absolutely shocking shortage of guys with the skills needed to restore a car and what better place to learn than here? If that floats your toy duck, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. is where you’ll find us.

Yeah, the coffee is going very well thanks for asking. We’ve kept the LG66 Beans running for a bit longer because it was such a hit. We’re setting up for wholesales as well!

Is there else anything I wonder… Oh yeah, the cars! Meeezus how could I forget, our bread and butter like. Sitting in this new leather chair is making me sleepy.

Ok, it’s rebuilding season on the Toyota AE86, it’s incredibly slow because of the detail, but the finish will be just (I’m making the perfect symbol here, you can’t see it but just play along). The MR2 is there or thereabouts and it even has a pair of new wine leather seats to add that bit extra.

Sunbeam Alpine

The baby blue Sunbeam is just getting going now, while that once lovely (or so we thought) Morris Minor Convertible is currently upside down and undergoing some outrageous amount of metalwork and fabrication. This car was brought to us after being bought as a ‘ready to go’ car. The mind boggles at times when you see what people try and sell you.

This brings us nicely to this – we have a couple of cars for sale that we can work with you on to restore to your spec. In our storage, we have Minis, MGs, VWs, and more. So whether you want your own project, or you’d like to join those lucky divils whose cars have a “Built by Lyons Garages” sticker on the back, then get in touch pals.

Apologies, our plans for a podcast idea took a bit of a hit, due to the whole being super busy and the lack of hands bit. See above for our recruitment plea!

Lastly, we’re well overdue for a Coffee and Cars event here in the Malibu of Ireland. We have the views, the coffee, and we just need a few extra nice cars, to be honest. Get in touch if you would like to be a part of it, either in planning or attending. According to every second person’s Instagram story, Clare and in particular, Spanish Point is THE place to be in 2021. Don’t get me started on the house prices around here either. At this rate, Pebble Beach will be moved here!

Well, that do be it for me for a day or two, I might take an extra-long nap. I hope you’re keeping well, staying safe, and wearing your mask. And not wearing it with your nose out, I mean, do you wear your boxers with your William out too? Might design a new mask for myself actually, maybe a Martini racing style one. Anyway, go buy yourself a tin of coffee. It’s about time you supported your local business, people are beginning to talk and they’re saying you’re awful tight altogether.

If you’ve any thoughts, feedback, ideas, or anything at all, give us a shout on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn too.

K thanks bye.

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