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Check out some of the innovative tech that the 2019 BMW 330i brings to the table!

For years now, the BMW 3 Series has been considered the benchmark that all sport sedans strive to reach. From its trim yet aggressive exterior styling to the powerfully dynamic BMW TwinPower Turbo engines that lie in wait just under its hood, every aspect of the new BMW 3 Series exceeds expectations. But performance credentials aside, there's plenty of reasons to consider the new 2019 BMW 330i beyond just how it drives. In fact, we here at BMW of San Antonio are just as taken with its tech features and amenities, and we think they're a great reason to give this car a look.

Now, it's easy to love the confidence that comes with having standard Active Protection and Active Guard safety features on the new 2019 BMW 330i sedan, but ask some of our satisfied shoppers what the most awe-inspiring tech in this bold new sport sedan is, and you'll hear about the new BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant more often than not.

Just hop in the well-appointed cabin of one of the 2019 BMW 330i sedans on the showroom floor at our San Antonio, TX dealership and say "Hey BMW", and you can watch the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant spring to life.

Now, what's really cool about the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant is that it's actually intelligent. You're not just going to be issuing commands to it like "turn the air conditioner on" or "show me directions to this address", though you can if you want to. Rather, you'll be able to speak to it naturally, saying things like "I'm hot" to adjust the climate control to a cooler setting, or "I want coffee" to get directions to the nearest local café. And if you're the type of person who already gives names to their cars, you'll be happy to learn can even give your BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant its own name!

But all this just scratches the surface of what you can do with the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant in the new 2019 BMW 330i sedan. Come by and take one out for a spin if you'd like to see what this innovative new car can do with this innovative new tech on the open road.

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