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CFMoto all geared up to launch new 1000cc ‘Superbike’

The new superbike from CFMoto will feature a 1000cc engine that will offer 204hp.

CFMoto new Superbike

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CFMoto is one of the motorcycle brands from China that is quite serious about developing quality and high-performance machinery. The collaboration with KTM including the Moto3 World Championship is proof of CFMoto’s commitment to strengthening the brand on the international stage.

CFMoto introduced a string of models including the 250SR, 700CL-X, 650MT, and 800MT and the latest 450SR nimble stole the spotlight in the global market.

This time, sources report that the brand is planning to roll out a new ‘superbike’ with a 1000cc engine soon. The company confirmed the news through its latest patent filed in June last year. The patent reveals that the ‘superbike’ machine will feature a 4-cylinder engine with a V4 configuration. More interestingly, the document mentioned that the V4 engine will offer 204hp.

International media reports claim that the engine was developed from the KTM RC16 prototype machine in MotoGP.

This is not the first time that an engine with MotoGP technology has been introduced on a ‘production’ motorcycle. Ducati also uses the same concept for the Panigale V4 R model which offers 240hp.

In the meantime, the patent also reveals a ‘naked’ motorcycle with a 1250cc engine by CFMoto.

Resulting of a collaboration with KTM, the ‘naked’ model is likely to carry the name 1250 NK. It will feature the same LC8 engine used on the KTM RC8 in 2010.

The patent also shows a sketch of the 1250 NK which looks similar to the 800 NK which will be launched soon.

Both models are likely to make their debut this year.

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