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BMW Says M3 CS Will Be Available For One Year, Shows 543-HP Sedan In White, Black And Gray

The covers came off the 2023 M3 CS sedan last night, the fastest production BMW ever to wear the M3 badge, and with carbon details contrasting against its Signal Green paint, certainly one of the most eye-catching.

But that green paint seen on all of the media shots is from BMW’s Individual range, and only one of four paint finishes available for the all-wheel drive, 543 hp (550 PS) CS. Buyers for the $119,695 sedan can also choose Frozen Solid White, again, from the expensive Individual range, or they can stick with one of the two standard colors available, which are Brooklyn Grey and Black Sapphire. And thanks to a video posted to BMW M’s YouTube channel hosted by the company’s CEO Frank van Meel, some new marketing shots, and the UK-market BMW retail configurator, we now have an idea of how those various colors look.

Both the black and the grey options are free, as is the choice of black or bronze for the 19-inch front, and 20-inch rear Style 827 M multi-spoke forged alloy wheels. The black-on-black look is über-stealthy, but we just love the way the gold rims pop against the dark paint.

The only downside with the black paint option is that the exposed carbon sections in the composite hood, and the carbon front splitter, mirror caps, diffuser, and rear lip spoiler aren’t as visible as they are when the car is painted in one of the other three available finishes. But the yellow DRLs and red-framed M3 CS badge and grille should stand out equally well whichever hue you choose.

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Try to configure any other BMW on the company’s website and you’ll be bombarded with endless options, but speccing a CS is a very simple process, at least on the UK website; the CS configurator hasn’t gone live on the U.S. site yet. Once you’ve selected your wheel and paint finish you can choose to add M Carbon ceramic brakes with either red or gold calipers (£7,295 either way) and opt to increase the 155 mph (250 km/h) electronically limited top speed to 180 mph (290 km/h).

BMW committed to building 1,000 examples of the M4 CSL coupe but surprised us by not stating a specific volume cap for the CS. That reason was confirmed in CEO Frank van Meel’s walk-around video when he explained that the CS would be available for one year starting in March. With that 12-month timeframe in mind, BMW must already have a solid idea about how many cars it can produce, but it just isn’t saying.

How many CSs do you think BMW will build, and how would you spec yours?

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