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BikeBound — Modern FatCat! 2023 Honda CRF110 / “BW110” Big…

Modern FatCat! 2023 Honda CRF110 / “BW110” Big Wheel by @aandjcycles, built using a @bvctrikes kit that includes new swingarm, triples, wheels, offset sprocket, disc conversion, and more.

Also running an ATC250R LED headlight, ATC200X front fender, @yoshimura_rd exhaust, @bbrmotorsports skid plate and cradle, @throttlejockey seat cover, and @rnynedesigns wrap harking back to the ATC trikes of the 1980s.

Coming soon: 132cc big bore kit with new cam, intake, throttle body, injector, and tune coming soon from @cjr_performance!

Check it out in the @aandjcycles flat track pits this year!

Photos: @jlagrave. Full story today on! ⚡️Link in Bio⚡️

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