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ASBK Technical Regulations for Aprilia RSV4 1100

Aprilia in ASBK

We revealed yesterday the intention of Matt Walters to race an 1100 cc Aprilia RSV4 in the 2023 2023 mi-bike Australian Superbike Championship.

We also mentioned that Motorcycling Australia would be issuing specific rules in regards to the eligibility of the machine in Australian Superbike, due to its larger capacity than generally permitted.

The first edition of those rules have been promulgated today as Appendix E of the 2023 Sporting Regulations, we include them below.

We believe this move has also prompted others to consider making applications to Motorcycling Australia in regards to other larger capacity models that up until now have not been allowed to race. This ‘could’ open up opportunies for people to race the 1103 cc Ducati Panigale V4, which is half the price of the 1000 cc V4 R that is currently raced by competitors in ASBK.

Interesting times…

Appendix E
Aprilia RSV 1100 Technical Regulations

1. Machine Eligibility

a) The onus of proving that a competitor, and the competitor’s machine and protective clothing/equipment, are eligible to compete, is on the person seeking to prove it.

b) Subject to the required and permitted alterations set out below, Superbike machines must:

i) Be fitted with either an Australian Design Rule (ADR) compliance plate, a Secure Vehicle Identification (SVI) sticker and / or are listed on the Register of Approved Vehicles (RAV) for the particular Machine.

ii) Be eligible for registration in all States and Territories in which they compete,

iii) Be of a make and model lawfully sold in Australia,

iv) Be as constructed by the manufacturer,

v) Where machines may not comply with the above, be approved by MA.

c) The range of vehicle identification numbers for each model must be provided to MA.

d) At least 20 production machines of that make and model must have been imported into Australia by the manufacturer or the Australian distributor representing that manufacturer. Machines must be approved by MA.

2. Tyres

As per ASBK Tyre Homologate List

3. Weight

To be permitted to compete, a machine, without rider, empty of fuel, but with all other fluids at optimum levels, must weigh no less than:

• 172kg

A 1% tolerance at post-race control will be allowed.

4. Compulsory Modifications

The following must be removed:

a) Headlamp,

b) Tail lamp,

c) Reflectors,

d) Horns,

e) Traffic indicators,

f) Mirrors,

g) Centre and side stands,

h) Registration plate / bracket and label holder

Any sharp edges left by the removal of the above components must be protected by a rolled edge or beading of minimum 3mm diameter.

Aprilia RSV4

5. Permitted Modifications

The following may be removed:

a) Passenger handholds and footrest assemblies,

b) Instruments and associated cables

c) OEM top rear chain guard and registration plate brackets,

d) Air injection pollution control system,

e) Rear fender,

f) Air filter element,

g) Steering damper

The Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) can be disconnected and the ABS control unit may be removed. The ABS wheel rotors and sensors may be removed.

6. Modification of OEM Parts

The following OEM parts may be modified: a) Engine must remain OEM with the exception of: b) Gearbox drive dogs may be undercut, c) Cylinder head valve seats may be re-cut,

Aprilia RSV4

7. Permitted Additions

The following may be added:

a) Steering damper,

b) Ride height adjuster,

c) Frame protective sliders,

d) Electronic gear shifters.

e) Data acquisition is permitted under the following conditions

i) Only the existing OEM sensors for the make and model are permitted with the only exception being, the addition of front and rear suspension position sensors, engine oil pressure sensor, engine oil temperature sensor, air fuel ratio and brake pressure sensors for data logging purposes only.

ii) Unless authorised and approved by MA, the position and location of all OEM sensors and components must remain as OEM.

iii) Fitment of any other additional sensors is prohibited

iv) Telemetry devices are prohibited

v) Data available from lap timers as per

f) Commercially available brake lever protection

g) Front brake cooling ducting can be fitted providing the following criteria is met:

i) The purpose of the Front Brake Ducting is for the cooling of the front brake disc and caliper only

ii) No aerodynamical advantage can be gained by the design or fitment of the Front Brake Ducting

iii) Front Brake Cooling Ducting used must be commercially available

iv) Front Brake Cooling Ducting used must be securely mounted to the motorcycle

v) The final decision on Front Brake Cooling Ducting mounting, design, and/or aerodynamical advantage is at the discretion of the ASBK Management Team and ASBK Chief Technical Officer

Aprilia RSV4

8. Use of Non-OEM Parts

The following may be replaced with parts not manufactured by the manufacturer of the machine:

a) Brake pads, linings brake hoses, and brake discs. Front and rear brake discs may be replaced with aftermarket brake discs that must fit the original OEM caliper and wheel mounting. The outermost diameter and material must remain the same as OEM for the model.

b) Fairings, screens, rear bodywork and rear seat so as to provide for the mounting of a rear number plate, rider’s seat, mudguards, air intake lids in bodywork, airbox intake tubes, tank covers and side covers, but replacements must bear a resemblance to the shape and appearance of the original.

c) Mounting brackets for fairings and screens but the replacements must be mounted on the frame at the original mounting points.

d) Fuel tank filler cap assembly providing there is no modification required to fuel tank.

e) Handlebars, handlebar mounted levers, master cylinders and controls, including throttle assembly and cables.

f) Footrests and foot controls, but the replacements must be mounted on the frame at the original mounting points

g) Fasteners

h) Air filter element

i) Instruments

j) The OEM ECU must be retained and operative and is currently the only ECU permitted by ASBK. The ECU cannot be flashed.

• Unless authorized and approved by MA, only the existing OEM sensors for the make and model are permitted

• Unless authorized and approved by MA, the position and location of all sensors and components must remain as OEM

• Fitment of any other additional sensors is prohibited.

k) Spark plugs and high tension leads

l) Battery, but the replacement must be capable of starting the machine pre and post-race

m) Exhaust system

n) Clutch plates and springs

o) External gearing, chain and chain pitch

p) Radiator expansion tank

q) Front suspension, springs, damping parts and fork top caps may be replaced or modified, but the external appearance of the forks must not be modified or changed

r) Rear suspension damping units (Shock Absorber) and springs

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