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A Visit to the Space History Museum, Alamagordo, NM

Martha and I went with Scarlett, my 2014 Ural Patrol, back to White Sands N.P. to check out the boardwalk trail.  It was, IMO, meh.  Too close or within the area that is rapidly being covered with sage brush and other desert vegetation.  

After that, we meandered further into the park hoping for a photo op spot with Scarlett.  The sand wasn’t as white as yesterday, due to it having rained overnight, still:

In the afternoon, after lunch, we again took the VRRV into town to check out the Space History Museum.  Quite a nice museum, nicely laid out with the usual assortment of rocket-related hardware, historic photographs and displays of rockets and missiles comprising the history of space exploration.

What I ended up taking pictures of wasn’t quite as scientific exploration and discovery.

A Russian Space Suit, so what

you ask?

One of the floors of the museum was pretty much dedicated to the Star Trek franchise.  This included a mock up of the transported room on the USS Enterprise:

Lori and Chris

The elevators did have some nice decorating motifs:

We ran some errands about town after the museum and then headed on back to camp.  During some relaxing before dinner, I started work on removing the corrosion off the positive battery terminal on the VRRV’s house battery.

The baking soda/water solution foamed up quite nicely as it worked to clean off the corrosion:

Chris Z. provided a nice cutter for the thick wire and a swaging tool for the new eyelets I purchased in town.  I cut off the corroded end, cleaned it some more, then crimped on the new eyelet end.  Should prevent any “loose connection” problems I’d experienced before.

A German couple with a Steyr LMTV rig had parked near us and they came by to chat for a bit.  They’d shipped their rig from Hamburg to Canada and spent months exploring Canada and were working their way from the northwest coast to Texas.


The rest of the evening was spent staring into a nice fire and chatting with Lori and Chris.

video courtesy of Lori Z.

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