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2022 Chevy Silverado 3500HD Provides Pure Duramax Diesel Load-Conquering Swagger on Each Trim Level

All of us here at Jim Butler Chevy of Saint Louis agree with the auto blogging staff when they said that it feels so good to be told “yes” when you can ask if you have a specific feature at your disposal for the vehicle you want to test drive or take home. No matter which version of the Chevy Silverado 3500 HD you choose, you can now brandish the trusty and hard-delivering Duramax diesel engine. 

It’s the upgraded option that delivers the power, raw performance factor, in ultimately long-lasting durability you want in any new heavy-duty truck. The available body styles are a regular cab, double cab, and Crew Cab, in which the Duramax is offered across 4 trims. You can select the work truck model to help you move a huge trailer filled with the necessary equipment to the job site, or the High Country trim that makes your passengers enjoy luxurious elements when you’re out for some R&R on the lake. The Duramax engine exists as a marvelous 6.6-liter turbocharged diesel V8 that cranks out 445 horsepower and 910 lb-ft of torque. 

It is mated to an amazing 10-speed Allison automatic transmission that directs power to the rear wheels, in every trim now offers 4-wheel drive except the High Country which already has it included as part of its standard package. So many truck owners are righteously excited about the big power that this engine delivers, making it simple to have a gigantic load in tow. Your limits won’t exceed until you hit an astonishing 20,000 pounds with a conventional trailer hitch or 35,500 pounds with a fifth-wheel or gooseneck in place. The payload rating is 7,442 pounds, which means that hauling very heavy equipment around won’t be difficult in the least.

Most trucks out there are on duty to carry heavy loads and offer up great bed configurations to accommodate tall items for hauling. GM does something a little extra special with its trucks, as the Multi-Flex Tailgate offers six different functions for using it as a load stop, surface for getting sawing or assembly work completed, or bed step. There’s also an integrated Bluetooth speaker to provide the ultimate thumpin’ sounds while you choose to have a tailgate extravaganza or need some audio inspiration before lugging away some fresh-cut logs.

When you are in dire need of an XXL size truck to handle monstrous jobs, the Chevy Silverado 3500 HD is an excellent choice with a variety of trims and options. Once you mix in the added grunt of the Duramax diesel engine and the abilities of a fifth-wheel trailer hookup, there really is next to nothing you can’t do with this prime polling machine. Diesel engines last among the longest of anything it ever built, and your new truck could easily last for a few very exciting decades.

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