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WMOTO XDV 250i all set for launch on December 5 2022

The WMoto XDV 250i is the brand’s latest adventure urban scooter with a 244.3cc engine.

WMoto XDV 250i

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Last August, MForce Bike Holdings Sdn Bhd went to Vietnam to attend the pre-launch ceremony of the WMOTO XDV 250i. The event indirectly hinted that the ‘adventure’ urban scooter will be entering Malaysia soon.

This time, WMoto has announced that it will be launching the XDV 250i on December 5 this year.

For the record, the WMOTO XDV 250i is rebranded from the Longjia XDV 250Si and is fully MForce-fitted in Malaysia.

Based on the specifications of the Longjia XDV 250Si, the scooter features a liquid-cooled 244.3cc SOHC single-cylinder engine. It is capable of generating 24.13hp at 9,750rpm and 22.5Nm at 6,750rpm.

The suspension system comes with a 37mm Kayaba front fork and a twin rear monoshock also from Kayaba. The brake system is controlled by dual-channel ABS with J.Juan radial type brake callipers matched with 240mm front and 220mm rear brake discs.

The storage space under the seat can accommodate a ‘full face’ helmet. In addition, the XDV 250i is also equipped with a 13.5L tank weighing around 168kg. It features a ‘smartkey’ function, a USB charging slot and 12V port, TFT colour screen display and adjustable wind barrier.

Interestingly, in the Chinese market, the TFT screen can be connected to a smartphone, but it has not been confirmed whether the function will be brought to the WMOTO XDV 250i.

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