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The start lights had barely gone out when the race to own a 2023 KTM RC 8C was over, taking a mere 2 minutes and 38 seconds for all 200 Krämer-built KTM RC 8C track machines to sell out.

Each one of the 200 ultra-exclusive 2023 KTM RC 8C track machines has sold out in an astonishing 2 minutes and 38 seconds. As with previous years, KTM used its digital sales platform to offer buyers a direct means to secure their bike as soon as sales opened.

Prospective owners were directed to the digital sales platform, where they could register their interest in the KTM RC 8C by way of paying a deposit. 30 of those buyers also opted to take delivery of their machines at an equally exclusive handover event next spring in Valencia, Spain.

Co-engineered in close partnership with Krämer Motorcycles, the KTM RC 8C is built using high-end, high-performance racing componentry with an enhanced LC8c production engine for easier maintenance and parts availability. The end result is a 100% track-based motorcycle capable of churning out the highest levels of performance and handling, without needing overly sophisticated electronics or unobtainable tools in the pits.

Being limited to only 200 units, KTM has created an online waiting list awarding interested buyers another opportunity in event of a cancellation.

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