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We chat to Jack Miller about the preparation and planning for The Bend

2022 ASBK Finale

Trev: Jack, thanks for coming down and injecting a bit of extra flavour into our ASBK finale. You happy with your preparations for this time round?

Jack Miller: “Yeah pretty much, I mean we’ve done pretty much everything in house this year. Bought the trailer, bought the bikes, got everything sorted, given my mate Frank a fair bit of a job to do, building three different bikes from three different manufacturers as well. So he’s had a long learning process, but it’s awesome to have everything come together and do it all ourselves. With help from a lot of guys in the industry, giving us some tips on what to do with each bike. It’s been really really good, but it’s awesome to have all the boys on the bikes there, and just to have a good group of guys that want to go race motorcycles.”

A photoshoot was held today on grid at The Bend - Image RbMotoLens
A photoshoot was held today on grid at The Bend – Image RbMotoLens

Trev: And what’s the thinking behind doing it all yourself, rather than just leasing a Penrite Honda for Hooky, leasing a bike off Ben (Henry – DesmoSport Ducati) or Craig (McMartin – Boost Mobile Ducati), and making your life easy?

Jack: “Yeah but it’s the challenge, not so much being here and racing the motorcycles, it’s the lead up to it all, the idea of prepping it all and getting the bikes, doing it all how I like it and getting some cool looking motorcycles together for us to race. It’s the challenge of it, you know. I mean I don’t want to say I get bored, but it gives me something to do, and something to plod along at and I think the people get a bit out of a kick out of it. I get to have some fun with it, and you know Franko, my mate, he’s definitely had a lot of work out of it, so it’s been good.”

Jack Miller having a laugh with Arthur Sissis – Image RbMotoLens

Trev: And Thriller Motorsports, I guess you’re sort of starting a bit of a brand there, so what’s the end game with that, are you going to run a team, or something?

Jack: “No real end game, I mean we needed a team to be our own team, so that was the thing behind that. We made the merchandise company in Australia, Thriller Industries, so it was just a spin off of that I guess. We had to put down a team name, and put down Madi as the team manager, so it makes it easy.”

Trev: Have you got to test the bike at all before this weekend?

Jack: “Nope.”

Jack Miller – Image RbMotoLens

Trev: You had planned too, hadn’t you?

Jack: “I had planned to, we were too late back, I had to go to a wedding last weekend. I would have loved to come to The Island and rode there to be honest, but I had a wedding, so none of the bikes have been ridden, except for down the local street at home by Frank, so we’ll find out tomorrow how well they all get on.”

Trev: You like making life hard for yourself, I gotta say. So what’s on for Jack after this? Time off, and then ready for training, and then testing?

Jack: “Pretty much, bit of time off, we’re going to head over to New Zealand over Christmas to see the rellies over there, and spend Christmas with them, and then that’s about it, get ready for the new year. It’s a new challenging year, so I’m excited. The first test went really well and has left me definitely really hungry with a lot to think about over the winter for sure.”

Trev: Thank you.

Jack Miller - Ducati Panigale V4 R - Image RbMotoLens
Jack Miller – Ducati Panigale V4 R – Image RbMotoLens

The Bend ASBK Schedule

Friday 25th November
Time Class Event Duration
7.15 7.30  (OJC, Sidecar, SBK Masters) Briefing  15 mins
7.35 7.50  (SBK, SSP, SSP300, R3 Cup) Briefing  15 mins
8.30 8.45 R3 Cup FP1 15 mins
8.55 9.15 Supersport FP1 20 mins
9.25 9.40 bLU cRU  FP1 15 mins
9.50 10.15 Superbike FP1 25 mins
10.25 10.40 Supersport 300 FP1 15 mins
10.50 11.05 Superbike Masters FP1 15 mins
11.15 11.30 Sidecars FP1 15 mins
11.40 11.55  R3 Cup FP2 15 mins
12.05 12.25 Supersport FP2 20 mins
12.35 12.50 bLU cRU  FP2 15 mins
12.50 13.20 Lunch – ASBK Pillion Rides 30 mins
13.20 13.45 Superbike FP2 25 mins
13.55 14.10 Supersport 300 FP2 15 mins
14.20 14.35 Superbike Masters FP2 15 mins
14.45 15.00  Sidecars FP2 15 mins
15.10 15.25 R3 Cup FP3 15 mins
15.35 15.55 Supersport FP3 20 mins
16.05 16.20 bLU cRU FP3 15 mins
16.30 16.55 Superbike FP3 25 mins
17.05 17.20 Supersport 300 FP3 15 mins
17.30 17.45 Superbike Masters FP3 15 mins
17.55 18.10 Sidecars FP3 15 mins
Saturday 26th November
8.30 8.45 R3 Cup Q1 15 mins
8.55 9.20 Supersport Q1 25 mins
9.30 9.45 bLU cRU Q1 15 mins
9.55 10.30 Superbike TP 35 mins
10.40 11.00 Supersport 300 Q1 20 mins
11.10 11.25 Sidecars Q 15 mins
11.35 11.50 Superbike Masters Q 15 mins
12.00 12.15 R3 Cup Q2 15 mins
12.25 12.50 Supersport Q2 25 mins
12.50 13.30 Lunch – ASBK Pillion Ride & ASBK Autographs 40 mins
13.30 13.50 Supersport 300 Q2 20 mins
14.00 14.20 Sidecars R1 5 Laps
14.30 14.45 bLU cRU Q2 15 mins
14.55 15.10 Superbike Q1 15 mins
15.10 15.25 ASBK TV Activity ASBK.TV 15 mins
15.25 15.40 Superbike Q2 15 mins
15.50 16.10 Supersport 300 R1 7 Laps
16.20 16.40 Superbike Masters R1 5 Laps
16.50 17.10 bLU cRU R1 5 Laps
17.20 17.40 Sidecars  R2 5 Laps
17.50 18.10 R3 Cup R1 6 Laps
Sunday 27th November
8.00 8.05 Supersport 300 & R3 Cup WUP 5 mins
8.15 8.20 Supersport WUP 5 mins
8.30 8.35 bLU cRU WUP 5 mins
8.40 8.50 Superbike WUP 10 mins
9.00 9.05 Superbike Masters WUP 5 mins
9.15 9.35 R3 Cup 6 Laps
9.45 10.15 Supersport  R1 9 Laps
10.25 10.45 bLU cRU R2 5 Laps
10.55 11.35 Superbike R1 11 Laps
11.45 12.05 Supersport 300 R2 7 Laps
12.15 12.35 Superbike Masters R2 5 Laps
12.35 13.05 Lunch – ASBK Pitlane Walk & Drag Bike Demo 30 mins
13.05 13.25 Supersport 300 R3 7 Laps
13.35 14.05 Supersport R2 9 Laps
14.15 14.35 bLU cRU R3 5 Laps
14.45 15.25 Superbike R2 11 Laps
15.35 15.55 R3 Cup R3 6 Laps
16.05 16.25 Superbike Masters R3 5 Laps
16.35 16.55 Sidecars R3 5 Laps



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