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12 Bird-Named Cars Fill Your Brain With History Before Turkey

A woman leans against a teal 1961 Ford Falcon. Copy reads: Ford Falcon '61: The World's Most Successful New Car

1961 Ford Falcon from the car’s original brochure
Image: Ford

Good gravy y’all, is it Thanksgiving already? Time sure flies when you’re dealing with soul-crushing supply chain issues, high inflation driven by skyrocketing gas prices and the deadliest roads in 16 years.

Despite all the bad news that hit in 2022, we still have a lot to be thankful for as we’re almost at the end of 2022, and hey, we’re still here. That’s reason enough to celebrate. While we’re still here, something else is as well: the cars, of course. For one, there are the cars. There are always the cars. And if you’re celebrating America’s #1 eating holiday, you might just be grateful for large amount of roasted birds as well.

Ah birds, our feathery, delicious friends who arrived on Earth a little bit before cars by about 65 to 53 million years, give or take. When you put those two wonderful concepts together you get two kinds of cars: Tiny ‘lil tweety vehicles and soaring birds of prey. Here’s the few I could summon up from memory in no particular order.

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