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Kawasaki Announces 2023 Motorcycle Models

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Kawasaki is very excited to announce the launch of additional 2023 motorcycle models including the all-new KLX®230 SM, the new KLX®230 and KLX®230 S, the new KLR®650 S, and the updated Ninja®650 and Z650 motorcycles.

NEW 2023 KLX®230

The KLX230 was designed and built to be a lightweight and easily maneuverable motorcycle for a wide range of riders. Utilizing the simple air-cooled engine design along with the smooth handling perimeter frame helped keep the KLX230 compact, while the balance between the engine and frame results in optimal trail fun performance.

  • NEW Sporty, aggressive styling
  • NEW LED headlight
  • NEW Engine tuning

Kawasaki 2023 Models KLX230

NEW 2023 KLX®230 S

The KLX230 S is perfect for those who are looking for a more approachable KLX. Bringing down the seat height from 34.8 inches (standard KLX230 model) to 32.7 inches, the KLX230 S enables more riders to take on off-road trails with confidence.

  • NEW Lower front and rear suspension
  • NEW Dual-purpose ABS Disable Feature

Kawasaki 2023 Models KLX230S

ALL-NEW 2023 KLX®230SM

Complimenting the KLX230 for 2023 is the addition of the all-new KLX230SM, helping to further expand and solidify the KLX family of motorcycles. Riders will appreciate the powerful, light and maneuverable package that the KLX230SM provides, making it one of the best options for tackling any urban jungle.

  • NEW 17-inch wheels and street tires
  • NEW Large diameter disc brakes
  • NEW Inverted front fork
  • NEW Supermoto styling

Kawasaki 2023 Models KLX230SM


The new KLR650 S is built off of the reputable and reliable KLR650 platform and carries over all of the same great features, including its fuel-injected 652cc single-cylinder engine, multi-functional digital instrumentation panel, high-tensile double-cradle frame, and LED headlight. For 2023, the KLR650 S receives lowered front and rear suspension with dedicated settings that help enhance the rider’s reach to the ground yet retain the excellent handling and comfort characteristics of the KLR650.  Accompanying the lower suspension settings is a new low seat, updated shifter-to-footpeg distance, and shorter side stand.

  • NEW Lower front and rear suspension
  • NEW Suspension settings
  • NEW Low seat
  • NEW Shifter and footpeg positioning

Kawasaki 2023 Models KLR650S

In addition, the following 2023 motorcycle models will also be available:

  • KX™450SR
  • Ninja®650
  • Ninja H2®R
  • Ninja H2®
  • Ninja H2® Carbon
  • Ninja® ZX™-14R ABS
  • Ninja® ZX™-10R
  • Ninja® ZX™-10R KRT Edition
  • Ninja® ZX™-10RR
  • Ninja® ZX™-6R KRT Edition
  • Z125 PRO
  • Z650
  • Z650 RS
  • Z900 ABS
  • Z900 SE
  • Versys® 650 LT
  • Versys® 1000 SE LT+
  • W800
  • Vulcan® 1700 Vaquero® ABS

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