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Pirelli Delighted with Reliability and Performance of Intermediate Tyre in Singapore

Mario Isola felt Pirelli’s Intermediate tyres showed just what they were capable of during Sunday’s Singapore Grand Prix, with the green-banded tyres lasting for long periods of time on a drying track.

The FIA Formula 1 World Championship made its welcome return to the Marina Bay Street Circuit last weekend after two years off the calendar due to the coronavirus pandemic, and a pre-race deluge meant for only the second time in the event’s history, wet weather tyres were required to be used.

Everyone started on the intermediate tyres and went long into the race as the track dried before switching to the slick rubber, with the majority moving onto the medium compound tyre to ensure durability until the end of the race – some drivers did attempt to run the second half of the race on the soft tyre but saw their performance levels drop away in the closing stages.

Isola, the Motorsport Director at Pirelli, said the intermediate tyre was shown to deliver ‘excellent performance’ during the race in Singapore.

“The Cinturato Green intermediates showed their reliability today,” said Isola on Sunday. “Even with quite high wear, they delivered excellent performance over several laps just as we expected, thanks also to the data collected in qualifying.

“As we saw yesterday too, the track took some time to dry out because of the water that remained on the surface.”

Once on the slick tyres, Isola says drivers had to pay attention to the racing line to avoid the damper parts of the track, with the risk of cooling down the tyres and affecting the performance of the tyres hanging over them.

“As conditions became drier, the race took on a new lease of life with drivers moving onto the slicks,” he said.  “The majority of teams chose the P Zero Yellow medium, which guaranteed an optimal balance between performance, warm-up, and durability.

“Drivers had to pay particular attention not to go off the line in order to avoid water cooling down the compound, which could affect operating temperatures.

“To come back to Singapore in front of so many fans truly showcased Formula 1 at its spectacular best this weekend.”

Credit: Pirelli Motorsport

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