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CMH Mitsubishi The Glen Describes the Difference Between Rims and Hubcaps

The Glen Mitsubishi ensures quality in every aspect of its vehicles. Every car has a rim, a round piece of metal that the tyre rides on and connects the tyre to the vehicle. The precise definition of a rim is the outer edge of the wheel with the hub and spokes inside. Not all car tyres have hubcaps. Hubcaps are attached to the rims to enhance the appearance. Whether or not it protects your car by keeping salt water and mud from splashing under it is debatable.

Key Differences Between Rims and Hubcaps

Rims are always metal, whether steel or aluminium. Hubcaps are made of plastic or metal. The rim is always on the wheel’s outer edge, in contact with the tyre. A hubcap is added to the wheel. They cover the centre of the hub or wheel, but hubcaps can cover the entire wheel. Rims and hubcaps function very differently. The rim supports the tyre and keeps it firmly attached to the wheel. At best, a wheel cap will protect your wheel nuts from rusting or catching them if they fall off. This practical use is why you still find hubcaps for heavy-duty trucks. Keeps dirt out and protects wheel bearings. Hubcaps can also be purely decorative.

Decorative hubcaps are popular as they are easy to install or replace as DIY enthusiasts like without involving any heavy lifting gear. Rims provide more protection to the wheel than traditional hubcaps but are also known to be more stylish. Adding rims to your car dramatically improves its appearance and greatly enhances the overall aesthetics of your car. Rims come in a variety of designs and vary in price. At CMH Mitsubishi The Glen it is evident that most of our vehicles have mags, further enhancing the quality and standards of the vehicles.

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