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Ferrari boss hails ‘brave’ strategists for slick tyre call at Marina Bay

At the end of the 2022 Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix, Scuderia Ferrari Team Principal Mattia Binotto wanted to praise his staff for the decisions taken at the Marina Bay Street Circuit. The Ferrari boss pointed out that his team made the switch from intermediate tyres to slicks at just the right moment and showed they were braver than their rivals, who only the pit stop as a response to the Maranello team’s move.

The Singapore Grand Prix was delayed for more than one hour due to torrential rain and eventually started with all drivers going for Intermediates in the first half of the event. The humid conditions made it difficult for the Marina Bay surface to dry, despite the cars running for more than one hour after the race start.

Scuderia Ferrari hoped to end Red Bull’s series of consecutive wins, but the Italian side missed out on the race victory after Sergio Perez got off to a better start and passed Charles Leclerc at turn one in the wet conditions.

Speaking after the Singapore Grand Prix, Mattia Binotto pinpointed the key moments of the F1 event: “The start was not great. We lost positions at the start and that has affected the rest of the race so, having done a better start I think we would have had a better result today. I think only finishing second and third overall is still a good result if we look in terms of the Constructors’ Championship then it has been a good weekend. I think overall, the car has been good in the wet and in the dry both yesterday in qualy and today in the race and we can be satisfied having looked back at Spa and Zandvoort it was more difficult. I think we have addressed some of the issues we had.” – the Ferrari boss explained, in his interview for Sky Sports F1.

The F1-75 car of Charles Leclerc was close to the rear of Sergio Perez’s RB18 for most of the Singapore Grand Prix and seemed even faster at some stages of the race, but was unable to attempt an overtaking move on the narrow and twisty section of the Marina Bay Street Circuit.

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As a result, the Maranello team focused on the pit stop strategy and attempted an undercut by changing onto the slicks. The Italian side bravely made the first move and called the Monegasque driver to the pits, but he slightly mistimed the positioning of the car which led to a few seconds lost and an opportunity for Red Bull to capitalise and keep P1 for the Mexican driver, who made his pit stop the following lap.

“I think at the end, we were fast when we switched to slicks. We were brave to be the first to switch it to slicks between us and Checo. I think we went well on the wet and went well on the dry and I think that’s the most positive of the weekend.” – Mattia Binotto pointed out.


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