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Go The Distance With SHAD’s New Terra TR55 Aluminum Top Case

SHAD is one of the well-known manufacturers of saddles and luggage equipment for motorcycles, and has been in business for nearly three decades now. Headquartered near Barcelona, Spain, Shad was founded in 1992, and is one of the largest OEMs when it comes to motorcycle saddles, with a good number of manufacturers having saddles for their models manufactured by SHAD. The company also has an extensive range of aftermarket luggage options. 

Go The Distance With SHAD's New Terra TR55 Aluminum Top Case

SHAD is primarily known for offering budget-friendly, commuter-focused top cases, however, it also has a variety of products that cater to the upper echelon of the market, and heavier duty, long-distance tourers. A good example of this would be its Terra range of accessories designed for adventure bikes and tourers. The Terra range started out with a variety of top cases, and later on branched out to include side panniers, and even soft bags. This time, however, Shad goes back to its roots and offers a new, massive top case in the form of the Terra TR55. 

The Terra TR55, as its name implies, has a practical storage capacity of 55 liters, making it the largest of the Terra top cases; earlier variants had capacities of 37 and 48 liters. It is now more spacious and can conveniently hold two full-face helmets, making it ideal for multi-day solo expeditions or two-up touring. The model has the same benefits as its predecessors in terms of everything else, beginning with the design of its walls composed of 1.2 mm thick aluminum alloy, which apart from being rigid, allows the case to have a lightweight construction of 5.4 kilograms.

A foam pad inside the top case keeps your possessions safe and stops them from rolling, while steel hooks on the top let you attach more luggage as long as you stay within the 10-kilogram weight limit. The case’s contents are shielded from dust and moisture by a waterproof seal. The Terra Lock system, which enables a single mechanism to control the closure of the case as well as attaching to the bike, is used to attach the TR55 to compatible base plates.

SHAD also offers a variety of accessories to go with the TR55, such as an interior bag to easily organize your stuff, as well as a passenger backrest for those who frequently ride with a pillion. The Terra TR55 is offered in two colors consisting of aluminum or black, and retails for 450 Euros, or around $441 USD. 

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