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BikeBound — Miami Missile: Ducati “1200SS” by Miami’s…

Miami Missile: Ducati “1200SS” by Miami’s @scalesstudio, sporting a Hypermotard 1100 Evo engine punched out to 1200cc with pistol pistons, ported big valve heads, NCR race cams, balanced bottom end, NCR oil cooler, titanium intakes, computer-tuned exhaust, and Ducabike slipper clutch.

Öhlins forks, custom carbon fiber tank, BST carbon wheels, and more — 120 whp / 320 lb!

“The bike has been ridden at the Circuit of the Americas and the edges of the slicks were used up, proving that the bike is very confidence inspiring. The idea of building bikes that sit in houses doesn’t excite me much, having done it.”

One of four Trever plans to build.

Photos 1-4: @kodymelton for @bikeboundblog at @handbuiltshow ‘22. Photos 5-10: @scalesstudio. Full story today on! ⚡️Link in Bio⚡️

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