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Yamaha 135LC Fi 5MRO Malaysian Edition released with 5,000 units only

The limited edition Yamaha 135LC Fi 5MRO comes with a price tag of RM9,198.

Yamaha 135LC Fi 5MRO

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Hong Leong Yamaha Motor (HLYM) has launched another special model, the Yamaha 135LC (Fi) 5MRO Malaysian Edition which is limited to 5,000 units only. This model is priced at RM9,198.

The launch was made in conjunction with the celebration of the production of the 5 millionth unit of Yamaha motorcycles a while ago, and the 5 millionth unit was also the 135LC Fi model.

The limited edition model is offered to the public with a unique serial number from 5,000,0001 to 5,005,000. It features a red, blue, yellow and white colour scheme inspired by the Jalur Gemilang.

The model comes with a Yamaha Premium basket, the same as the 135LC SE model. It has a special badge with a serial number in the basket as well as a special certificate for verification of authenticity.

Buyers also receive a gift of a security key and a special 5MRO jacket. All of the limited edition units are scheduled to hit the market in mid-October.

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