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Red Bull to partner with racewear supplier Sparco for 2023 and beyond

Oracle Red Bull Racing welcomed Sparco this week as their new race-wear partner, set to provide technical gear for the team from next year on. Red Bull Team Principal Christian Horner said he is “delighted” to team up with the innovative, safety-driven manufacturer.

“Ensuring that our drivers and our Race Team are kept as safe as possible is always our first priority. Sparco has been at the forefront of racewear safety for more than four decades and we’re delighted to welcome them to the Team.

“The fact that their dedication to safety is matched by the pursuit of performance and lightness, key considerations in racing, makes the collaboration even more exciting.”

Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez’s Superleggera suits will feature Sparco’s advancements in weight-reduction, and will be paired with the manufacturer’s underwear, boots and gloves. Trackside crew will also receive a dedicated line of purpose-built gear.

Sparco President and CEO Aldino Bellazzini said that working with Red Bull, as well as other motorsport partners, will allow the company to advance and “further challenge” themselves to develop race-wear of the highest standard. 

“Sparco is a technologically driven corporation characterised by continuous research and development to meet all the best performance, safety and quality standards. We look at this partnership as an opportunity to further challenge ourselves. This is the reason behind the long-term collaborations and partnerships we have already developed with several different players in motorsport.

We strongly believe that Oracle Red Bull Racing will represent a huge opportunity for Sparco to continue and progress on this path and we are honoured they have chosen Sparco for the upcoming season and beyond”.

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