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Charles Leclerc driving Ferrari 312 F1 car at Fiorano circuit (Tipo 242C engine)

Enjoy this video as Scuderia Ferrari Monegasque driver Charles Leclerc gets behind the wheel of the Ferrari 312 F1 at the Fiorano circuit (Tipo 242C engine). The vintage F1 car 312 F1 is nicknamed ‘Spaghetti’.

The car derived its nickname from the tangled look of exhaust pipes that it sported. Ferrari used the car in Formula One from 1966 to 1969. Despite the fact that ‘spaghetti’ could only win three Grands Prix while in service, it served a bigger purpose for future Formula 1 cars. The reason is that the 312 F1 was the first ever F1 car to sport a rear wing.

Charles wanted the car to be rebuilt to its original glory. To make sure the Monegasque got to experience how the original car felt like to drive, the Maranello engineers put in the Tipo 242C engine:

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