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What’s the weather forecast for 2022 Dutch GP?

Let’s take a look at the weather forecast for the 2022 Dutch Grand Prix (latest weather forecast for Zandvoort):

One of the most important factors ahead of any Formula 1 Grand Prix weekend is of course represented by the weather conditions, which can have a great impact on the outcome of the main event on Sunday. From the Formula 1 teams’ point of view, different weather conditions can result in very different races, and Formula 1 teams are always focused on this aspect in order to evaluate and choose their strategy options accordingly, for example using different tyres in wet conditions, and taking account of cross winds which can cause stability problems at high speeds.

This means that we should always keep on eye out on the weather before any Formula 1 Grand Prix weekend given the fact that it can often throw a curve ball into the mix, especially taking into consideration the unpredictable weather conditions that are often faced in Zandvoort.

Teams should have a straightforward Friday practice, with no rain expected and sunny, breezy and pleasant conditions for FP1 and FP2, while the relatively low temperatures (about 23° on Friday) may represent a challenge for Ferrari in bringing the Pirelli tyres in the ideal operating window in this 16th event of the 2022 championship at the Zandvoort Circuit.

For the qualifying session on Saturday, teams may have to face completely different conditions, as the weather is expected to be mainly cloudy and several showers should be around the area. On Sunday, there is a lower probability of rain hitting the Zandvoort circuit, which means the Formula 1 Dutch Grand Prix will most likely take place in dry conditions.

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