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BikeBound — Supersport Street Tracker: 2001 Honda CBR600F4i by…

Supersport Street Tracker: 2001 Honda CBR600F4i by Noel Muller of @blackcyclesaustralia, who ran across the bike while searching for a shop project:

“From my understanding, it’s still one of the best power-to-weight CBR600’s ever built? So don’t ask why, but I decided it would make a great little ‘flat tracker’ 😅”

Highlights include 19-inch KKE wheels with Dunlop K180’s, @x.x.x.rated.suspension tuning, custom subframe and tail section with @carmans_auto_trimmers upholstery, 50mm Highsider headlights, and a retro Honda CR-inspired paint scheme done in-house:

“We decided to dull down but not hide the unusual perimeter frame with a satin bronze paint, including the modified swingarm.”

The nickname for this 108-hp CBR street tracker? “The Thing That Should Not Be.” Ha! Photos: @itsalexmena. Full story today on! ⚡️Link in Bio⚡️

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