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NEW! Unitronic 4.0T C8 RS6/RS7 Carbon Fiber Intake System


Checkout the lastest performance mod avilable for the C8 RS6 and RS7 from Unitronic! This complete Intake System delivers massive gains of up to 58HP / 54LB-FT (Stage 2 93oct) made possible by optimizing airflow and alleviating restrictions present pre-compressor with the factory system, netting up to 99.8% more flow than stock.

With five different finishes to choose from including; Gloss Carbon, Matte Carbon, Forged Carbon, Red Carbon Kevlar and Blue Carbon Kevlar, combined together with modular adapter rings on the Turbo Inlets to allow for fitments with both the stock and hybrid turbos, this Intake System allows you to personalize your engine bay with a premium look to match its superior performance. Shop yours now at UroTuning!

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