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Dodge Could Replace the Hellcat V8 with a Twin-Turbo Six-Cylinder

By now, we know that Dodge will cease production of two of its most crucial V8-powered muscle cars, the Challenger and the Charger. Then, however, we rejoiced over a rumor that surfaced around August regarding Dodge’s decision to sell V-8 muscle cars alongside an electric muscle car. But, all the doubts were cleared recently at Monterey Car Week, when Dodge declared that 2023 would be the final year for its V-8 muscle cars and launched the would-be EV successor concept to the Charger, the Daytona SRT. Another report, on the other hand, has enthusiasts buzzing with anticipation. It claims Dodge will keep selling the Charger and the Challenger with a new twin-turbo straight-six engine.

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