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Yamaha’s Motolator Lets You Dial In Your Bike’s Ergonomics Perfectly

It goes without saying that motorcycle design is a difficult, time-consuming task. While there are “templates,” such as different body styles, that manufactures can follow, it’s almost impossible to come up with the perfect, one-size-fits-all machine. This is where the vast aftermarket comes into play, where riders can opt for taller seats, adjustable foot pegs, handlebars at different heights, and so on. 

Now, what if there was a way to make your motorcycle fit you perfectly right off the showroom—a bike that’s built to fit you just the way you want it? Sure, super high-end, boutique manufacturers such as MV Agusta offer these expensive services, however, bikes of this nature are oftentimes beyond the reach of us mere mortals. That being said, Yamaha may be on the road to changing all that with its newest innovation, the Motolator.

Yamaha's Motolator Lets You Dial In Your Bike's Ergonomics Perfectly

A portmanteau between the words “moto” and “simulator,” the Motolator allows you to test fit all possible configurations of a motorcycle, allowing you to much more easily determine the exact type of bike that fits you best. This includes saddle height, foot peg placement, handlebar width and height, and even the size of the fuel tank. This translates to virtually limitless possibilities when it comes to coming up with the perfect ergonomics for upcoming models.

Furthermore, this tool can also be used by racing teams to further optimize the fit of their bikes with their racers. On the production side of things, it also translates to time savings when it comes to R&D of new and updated models. Yamaha’s Motolator was showcased at the Sci-Fi Prototyping Exhibition in Japan, and could serve as a useful tool for the brand’s upcoming models, and even possibly those of other manufacturers, should Yamaha make its technology available to others. The Motolator even features functioning controls for the throttle, brakes, and gear selector, making it an incredibly realistic simulator. 

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