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Yamaha Updates The XMAX 250 With New Colors In Japan

Maxi-scooters are a popular alternative to motorcycles in multiple Asian and European markets. This makes a lot of sense, as these welterweight scooters offer the ease of use of a regular scooter along with the power and long-distance capability of a full-size motorcycle. Among all the maxi-scooters available in the market, the Yamaha XMAX has to be one of the most popular models.

Available in a variety of displacements across multiple markets, the Yamaha XMAX has pretty much become synonymous with the term maxi-scooter, along with its bigger sibling, the TMAX. While the TMAX serves as the Tuning Fork Company’s long-distance scooter, the XMAX continues to fill the role of the brand’s urban runabout, with sporty styling and urban-focused amenities to show for it. That being said, in its home country of Japan, Yamaha has updated the XMAX 250 with four new color options, giving Yamaha’s mid-tier maxi-scooter a much-needed design refresh. 

Yamaha Updates The XMAX 250 With New Colors In Japan

As of the moment, the updated colors for the Yamaha XMAX 250 are available exclusively in the Japanese market, and retail for 654,500 Yen, equating to around $4,900 USD. The new colors consist of Matte Dark Green, Glossy Red, Glossy White and Dark Gray paint schemes. The gray color option features dark blue rims, while the green variant has gold-painted alloy wheels. The white and red versions, meanwhile, have stylish alloy wheels coated in black.

Apart from the cosmetic updates, The Yamaha maxi-scooter maintains its clean and athletic design language with no changes to its tech and performance features. The XMAX 250 has the same high windscreen, aggressive-styled LED headlamp configuration, and angular tail light assembly. A 250cc single-cylinder liquid-cooled engine with 22.8 horsepower and 17 ft-lbs of torque powers the maxi scooter, returning adequate performance for use around town and in the city. Furthermore, the XMAX gets telescopic fork and twin preload-adjustable shock absorbers, and has dual-channel ABS as standard equipment.

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