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Kia Sportage Hybrid SX-Prestige AWD: Not A Throwaway Car Anymore

When I was but 25 years old, moonlighting as a car critic while playing a TV weatherman by day, it was all too easy to be seduced by every new tester that was dropped off at my door.
After all; there’s no substitute for experience when judging subject matter based largely on comparison.
The Daewoo Leganza, I authoritatively declared, would take the U.S. sedan market by storm – it didn’t.
But on occasion, even a wet-behind-the-ears journalist like myself could snuff out a complete dud.
To this day, when asked about the worst vehicle I’ve ever tested I cite the original Kia Sportage circa 2000 – the epitome of a throwaway car.
Flash ahead 23 years and Kia now leads the industry in dependability, they’re the most awarded brand in J.D. Power’s APEAL study, and they’re at the forefront of electrification.
This Titanic-sized turnaround is the stuff of auto industry dreams and to complete it less than 2 decades later is hall of fame worthy.

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