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F1 Tracks With A Reputation For Danger

Formula 1 is a dangerous sport and accidents are a certainty. Check out some of the tracks that have gained a reputation for being especially challenging.

The Most Dangerous Formula 1 Tracks Globally

No one likes to see an accident, but mistakes do happen in every race, from F1 to the Tour De France. Thankfully, with the implementation of the Halo system injuries are far less frequent. In fact, the sport as a whole has evolved with the safety of drivers in mind. Just how much safer racing has become is especially noticeable when looking at the sport just a decade ago.

With that in mind, there are some circuits that have a dark reputation. Regardless of how cautious drivers are, these are the circuits that have a reputation for catastrophe. We are not celebrating the danger, of course, simply pointing out that as far as statistics are concerned, this is where trouble happens.

Nurburgring, Germany

The reputation of this track, now transformed, is monstrous. But from 1927 until 1985 Nurburgring was known as Nordschleife, and many referred to it as the Green Hell. For very good reason. The massive, twisting track was significantly scarier than every other in the world, and in 1976 the horrendous accident involving Niki Lauda got the balls of change rolling. The incident could easily have cost Lauda his life, and so track managers immediately got to work on a redesign.

Today Nurburgring is shorter, far more manageable, and seen as a jewel of Germany.

Marina Bay Street Circuit, Singapore

Some enjoy getting their excitement at mobile Roulette apps, others watch F1 at the Marina Bay Street Circuit. This is amongst the most famous circuits in the world, though has also come under immense criticism. Drivers have repeatedly complained about the bumpy surfaces, high curbs, and extremely unforgiving climate. Lewis Hamilton is quoted as saying that the roads are at least twice as dangerous as Monaco. Felipe Massa once referred to the curbs as ‘little tortoises’ that will destroy the car of a reckless driver.

Much has been done to correct the dangers of the Marina Bay Street Circuit, but it remains a highly questionable track with immense dangers.

Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium

There isn’t much that can be said about Circuit de Spa- Francorchamps that hasn’t already. The tragic death of Anthoine Hubert is well known, and stands as a black mark in Formula 2 history. At least solace can be taken in that much has been done to improve the circuit’s safety. The Belgium Grand Prix is held at the track to this day, but with a great many modifications over the years.

Autodromo Nazionale di Monza

Last is a circuit with such a deep, fascinating history that it can be considered a true F1 grandfather. The Autodromo Nazionale di Monza in Italy was built in 1922, though, of course, has undergone extensive modification since. Races have taken place almost consistently since 1949, including the Italian Grand Prix.

As far as danger is concerned, it is difficult to even contemplate how many accident, injuries, and deaths have occurred. The last fatality was as recent as 2000, though safety measures have been ramped up dramatically since. Hopes are that the days of injuries at the track are officially over.

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