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This Plymouth Roadrunner Concept Proves We Can’t Let Muscle Cars Die

By now, it’s clear that Muscle cars, as we know them, are coming to an end. Dodge, the brand that was, arguably, the most loyal to the Muscle car genre is preparing to introduce the first-ever EV Muscle car.On the other hand, Dodge is not willing to let the Muscle car die just yet, which means the supercharged V-8 could stay, at least, for a few more years. With that said, Chrysler has a lot of iconic nameplates from the Muscle car era, including the Plymouth Roadrunner, which was virtually revived by a Rostislav Prokop, for our sister site, Hot Cars. The concept of the Czech graphic designer looks quite believable, and we think now is as good a time as any to bring back the iconic model.

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