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Back-To-School Driving Tips – Peruzzi Toyota Blog

It’s that time of year again: when kids are headed to school, school buses are all around, and drivers need to be extra-attentive. Peruzzi Toyota in Hatfield, PA is here with these helpful tips to ensure everyone remains safe.

When it comes to school buses, don’t follow them too closely, as they make frequent stops. Once those flashing lights come on, you’re legally required to stop. Leave about 10 feet between the front of your vehicle and the bus, so that kids have plenty of room to cross.

Because of their size, school buses have blind spots. Don’t be in a rush to pass them; once they pass a tree or a stop sign, wait a few seconds before proceeding. Always do it on the left side, and NEVER when their lights are flashing; come to a full stop instead.

School zones have lower speed limits for a good reason. Keep an eye out for signs that you’re approaching one (and because drop-off and pick-up times can result in slower traffic in these areas, make sure you factor in some extra commuting time).

Be aware of crossing guards, as well as kids walking or on their bikes. This is NO time for being on your phone or otherwise distracted. Fortunately, Peruzzi Toyota vehicles include smart technology like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to help you navigate your route safely. Toyota Safety Sense features include pedestrian detection and automatic braking, but they’re no substitute for your own eyes and ears.

To avoid any morning stress that could affect your judgement, prepare yourself the night before. Pack any gear needed for the next day’s extracurricular activities and lay out your clothes. Check the weather, have an alternate route in mind, and give yourself extra time. Those were good rules when we were preparing for our next school day, and they still apply when it comes to driving safely around school zones!

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