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Rendering: The Perfect Blend Between A Mazda RX-7 and Ford Focus RS

It has been four years since the legendary hot-hatch from Ford, the Focus RS, exited its production in the U.S. But we still remember how bonkers it was for its sub-$45,000 pricetag: 350 horsepower four-pot, torque-vectoring AWD system, and a manual gearbox. It could be the most ferocious hot-hatch in its segment if it were in production today. But in the concept world, a modern Focus RS can be made to look like a JDM with the RE Amemiya-inspired RX-7 widebody kit. Here is an incredible example of the same, and the_kyza has carefully illustrated the concept with the idea to also swap the four-pot inside the Focus RS for an old-school Mazda rotary mill.

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