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Lamborghini Reveals The Strategy Behind Its Biggest Financial Success Yet

Lamborghini is doing better than ever. Here’s why.

In the past six months, Lamborghini experienced its most financially successful half-year ever, in the midst of a crisis that continues to plague the entire automotive industry. For this success, it credits a strong financial strategy, and Lamborghini’s Chief Financial Officer, Paolo Poma, shares a bit about that strategy, and what Lamborghini’s plans are for the future. Due to the brand’s flexibility and response to the pandemic, Lamborghini has not only had a successful 2022 thus far, but managed to maintain growth throughout the two years of the pandemic, and continues to be on course to meet its goal of being “best in class,” with its sights set on annual profitability of 22 to 25 percent.

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One of the most important factors in Lamborghini’s recent success was the introduction of the Urus Super SUV, which was brought into the market at an opportune time to take full advantage of the world’s relatively newfound love for luxury performance SUVs at the highest echelon of the automotive industry. Since its introduction, Lamborghini has seen incredible new growth and success. As Lamborghini expands its product range, its goal is to replace old products with new ones that have higher profit margins. Along with that, Lamborghini pays careful attention to making sure it can manage the cost of growth as in any company, growth comes at a price. As car enthusiasts, Lamborghini’s growth and success mean seeing more of the brand’s incredible automobiles on the road, and as the year continues, Lamborghini surely has more to show.

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